2 August 2011 @ 1:38am

30 Days of New WhoDay 2; Favorite Companion

This was actually really difficult to decide. I was stuck between Donna and Rose; in the end, I obviously chose Rose. The main reason I chose Rose was because she was around the longest…well, except for Amy, I spose. Rose was a naive teenage girl when Nine picked her up - she wasn’t really anything special. She was just an average girl just trying to get by. But as the series evolved, she started to understand how to handle herself and help the Doctor. In fact, by the end of series 1, she was the one who saved the day. Sure, it was a stupid move to look into the Time Vortex and force Nine to regenerate, but she didn’t know what she was doing. All she knew was that Nine was about to die, and she had to save him. She ended up being a badass and poured the Time Vortex into the lead dalek. 

After Nine regenerated, Rose became more headstrong - she started to fight her own battles. She really held her own as Ten’s companion. And I loved the love that blossomed between them. It was just magical, really. After she was banished to a parallel world, Rose STILL managed to come back in series 4 and try to help save the day. Rose is just pretty badass. 

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